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"Starshine Eternal"

"Young Ancestors" Exhibit (Old Gov't House/Beaverbook Art Gallery)

Exhibit in Rome, Italy 2018

Felicia and Willow circa 2005

Ni'gweg concept fun

Nitap the app drawings (Mimiges aq Plamu)

More about my life and art: 

Phyllis Grant (bio)

All Of Creation (my art)

The old Mi'gmaq (Basket from Gilbert Sewell's collection - my father <3)

Literary Tour with Revue Ancrages (Canada Council)

Mandala Heart workshop, Heritage Museum, Bathurst (Community)

Museum of History Ottawa/Hull (Canada 150 Ambassadorship)

Coke Bottle art featured in "Canada's Coca-Cola" - Order here!

  1. Putup (Whale or Orca -same name for both that I know of)
    Putup (Whale or Orca -same name for both that I know of)
  2. Tiam (Moose)
    Tiam (Moose)

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