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I am an artist living on the east coast of Canada. My life is my art, and I express many things in several ways. I believe in experience as artistic creation in itself, and so you may find here the results of my creative process. I respect multiple ways of looking at things -it's an inspiration for me!
Mi'gmaq Lover of Life! Animation, Illustration, Mandala Art Workshops, Painting, Writing, Music, Adult Education, Leadership, Community Practice.
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Art, Music, Word - Phyllis Grant - Mi'gmaq Artist - New Brunswick - Canada
"Maq and the Spirit of the Woods" and "Waseteg" featured in the NFB's "All-Time Favourite 100 Films" 2013-2014 Education Catalogue!
Every Friday evening at 7:30, tune in to ​"Vinyl Love Forever" with your host Phyllis Grant on Phantom FM 103.3!
Traditional meets technology in this half-hour of "handmade" radio" promoting community wellness through the healing power of records! 
Vinyl selections, reflections, arts+culture+health news and community events are all included in a fresh episode each week! Relax and enjoy!
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